Thursday, March 12, 2015

Daily Forex Analysis 12th March 2015

Forex analysis 12/03/2015


Starting yesterday news, the peak of the day was NZD news as expected. Nothing to comment on EUR anymore as continue to fall and USD still in good place. We still haven’t seen any correction. The news from CNY wasn’t good so we keep an eye of that. IF continues like that we will see some changes in commodity dollars cause the China is likely to cut interest rate or reserve requirements again if consumer inflation drifts below 1%.

Based on today news the peak of the day will be at 8:30am London time. USD news at that time are important with the Unemployment on the top. Other than that, we expect the GBP trade balance at 5:30am to have some affection and maybe the German Final CPI m/m at 3:45 but with overall image of Europe right now even a good news today can’t expect to change the view of the currency. We believe the US session would be the best for the volatility of the markets.



The pairs we should expect to have the clearest movement are: EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY and GBP/USD for bearish signals.




Support 1: 1.0492 (Lower Price Asian Session)


Resistance 1: 1.0705-1.0715 (MA20 4H Timeframe- High Price 11th March)






Support 1: 1.4918 (Lower Band 4h Timeframe)

Support 2: 1.4890 (Lower Price 11th March )

Resistance 1:  1.5045 (MA 20 4H Timeframe)

Resistance 2: 1.5095 (High Price 11th March )




Support 1: 127.61 (Lower Price 11th March & Lower Price Asian Session)

Support 2: 126.81 (Lower Band of BB Weekly Timeframe)

Resistance 1: 128.60 (Lower Band of Daily Timeframe)

Resistance 2: 129.95 – 130.00 (MA20 4h Timeframe & High Price 11th March)



Support 1: 181.15-181.25 (Lower bands of BB 4H and daily Timeframe)

Support 2: 180.78 (Lower Price 11th March)

Resistance 1: 182.55 (MA20 4H )

Resistance 2: 183.10-183.15 (High price 11th March & MA20 Daily Timeframe)












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