Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Daily Forex Analysis 11th March 2015


Starting yesterday news, nothing changed the scenery of the markets. The EU continues to fall, USD sentiment continues to be non-stopping good. We still haven’t seen any correction yet. Interesting to report that the fuss over the currencies affected the stock market having the worst day of this year. The volatility was very good showing that the technical analysis alone can do the job.

Based on today news, we have many interesting news for the day. CNY – industrial production y/y at 6:30am, 9:00am ECB president Draghi Speaks after the ECB bond program. NZD all the news at 9:00pm London time along with the USD 10y bond Auction and bank stress results at 9:30 can be the peak of the day. We can say that the GBP – Manufacturing Production at 10:30am could play some role in the EU session, but we believe the US session would be the best for the volatility of the markets.



The pairs we should expect to have the clearest movement are: EUR/USD and NZD/USD  for bearish signals. 








Support 1: 1.0640 (Lower Band 4h Timeframe BB)

Support 2: 1.0620 (Lower Band Weekly Timeframe BB)


Resistance 1: 1.0715 (High Price Asian Session)

Resistance 2: 1.08250 (Ma20 4H Timeframe )






Support 1: 0.7228 (Low Price Asian Session)

Support 2: 0.7175  (Low price 3rd February 2015)

Resistance 1: 0.7295 (High Price Asian Session)

Resistance 2: 0.7330 (MA20 4H Timeframe)









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