Thursday, April 12, 2012

Forex pairs to observe--Continued---

I just wanted to pointed out few things on the Commodity Vs. Usd pairs.
Aud.Usd is currently in the process of breaking my major downward trendline and if they succeed they will be after the high around 1.0466 but before they can take that high out they'll have to go through strong resistance around 1.0430. Nzd.Usd is still playing games between roughly 81.30 and 82.50, look to buy at support or sell at resistance, proceed with caution during a break out. Usd.Cad is currently pushing up against strong resistance at around 1.0030 and if resistance hold the bears will attempt to push this pair towards the bottom of the channel. If resistance doesn’t hold, look for a break out towards the north. Also keep in mind the USD and Cad Fundamentals tomorrow

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