Friday, March 30, 2012

Forex pairs to observe-3.30.2012

Euro Vs. Commodity dollars

Eur.Aud, Eur.Cad & Eur.Nzd are ready to continue their journey north. Eur.Aud is currently stuck in a small channel, approaching my inner trendline. I anticipate a break out towards the north where the bulls will be after the fib target of 1.3060. Eur.Cad is moving very nicely along its upper trend line. The retracement came to a halt not too long ago and this pair is currently on its way towards the top of the channel. i am also anticipating a break towards the north with this pair with the bulls after the fib target of 1.3434. Eur.Nzd shows a very similar picture when compared to the other two. This pair is currently going sideways, hugging against the 1.27 fib resistance level. If the bulls do manage to break north they will be after the fib target of 1.6479. Do proceed with caution im only looking to buy in if these pairs break towards the north.

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