Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Forex Pairs to observe

Boring market so far
There is no real good set ups that caught my eye in the market place at this moment. I think tomorrow there will be some good set ups to come especially on the euro, gbp and the cad with the fundamental announcements. The only two pairs that are somewhat interesting is the gbp/usd and Nzd/Jpy.

Gbp/Usd is currently heading for the back side of the channel. Depending on what happens tomorrow can shoot this pair either way, I suspect the news release will effect this pair negatively and it will head further south.

Nzd/Jpy just broke the downwards trend line off the daily is currently on its way to confirm the break out, the bulls need to take out 61.34 before I start looking for buying opportunities on this pair. Never the less I suspect some good set ups to present itself on this pair.

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