Thursday, January 26, 2012

Long on Eur.Aud and short on Aud.Chf

Completely missed this set up last night, fortunately i noticed these trade opportunities this morning.


  1. Hi Elias,

    I am the new trainee of AK.

    I like this setup very much. Simple. Do you keep drawing the retracement line and trend line on and off from time to time?

    Do you stare at the chart all the time?


  2. hello dylan lee, welcome to ak.

    iam not exactly sure what you mean by your question, if you want to rephrase that would be great. But i do use trendlines extensively, one of my fav tools. mnnn i stare at charts only because im addicted to them, but i usually trade on longer time frames so my set ups take time to reach and i have time to react.

  3. When i looked at most of your previous set up in the blog, i find out you always have fib retracement and trend line drawn on the chart. And you traded many currency pairs and different timeframe. My question is, do you always browse through each pair and each timeframe then draw the lines on every pair, every timeframe?